ChrisPC Screen Recorder 1.60 Crack

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ChrisPC Screen Recorder 1.60 Crack

ChrisPC Screen Recorder 1.60 Crack Features

  • Replaceable skin interface.
  • The video encoding default is H.264 MP4.
  • Audio coded to AAC or MP3 codec.
  • Save the screenshot in a PNG, JPG, or BMP file.
  • Customize the screenshot file name based on the date and time of recording.
  • Quick hotkey configuration.
  • Minimize the ChrisPC screen logger to systray.
  • Choose the best record quality setting for your computer configuration.
  • Select FPS (frames per second) for your recording: 60, 50, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 1.
  • Record your screen with audio from your computer 1 click into the MP4 file.
  • Select audio recording source to record desktop audio (hearing content) or anything
  • The microphone that is connected to the computer.
  • Record your game in window and borderless mode.
  • If there are audio and video synchronization problems in the recorded file, you can
  • Enable the “Improve Audio-Video Synchronization” option in the settings -> Advanced Settings.
  • Customize the record file name according to the recording date and time.
  • Preview and edit video after recording.
  • Hide cursor movement while recording.
  • Adding a text watermark to the video makes it easy to choose the font name, size, text, and background color.
  • Add an image watermark to your video by selecting a PNG or JPG file to use as a watermark.
  • Screenshot in 3 modes: Take a full screen, snapshot of the selected area in the desktop or application window.
  • Screen recording in 3 modes: Record full-screen, selected area functions in the desktop or application window.

How To ChrisPC Screen Recorder 1.60 Crack?

  • Turn off the network connection (Important)
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